In this poster we gather several verses from the Quran about Mary (Marīam). The scenes of Mary’s life and the journey that she undertook to become the Mother of Jesus (Isa) are depicted. The stained glass style is inspired by Christian artworks as seen in ancient churches. The reason for using this style was to create an interfaith dialogue and a calm space for our Christian neighbors to study about Islam. Also, some of the verses are written in a traditional Islamic calligraphy style (kufi) to blend Christian and Islamic art genres. This poster can be used as an educational resource in mosques, madrassas, in religion lessons in schools or as a wall decoration..

“Mary (Arabic: مريم‎; Marīam), the mother of Jesus (عيسى; ʿĪsā) is venerated in Islam. She is one of the most important and righteous women in Islam. Interestingly she is mentioned more in the Quran than in the New Testament. She is the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran. Many Muslim women look up to her as an example. According to the Quran, Allah (God) chose Mary above all women of all nations.”(wikipedia)

The Quran states: “And when the angels said, ‘O Mary, Allah has chosen you and purified you, and He has chosen you above the world’s women.” (3:42) This verse is mentioned in the middle of the poster as the core theme.

All of the English text in this poster are translated verses from the Holy Quran. This poster is from the “Quran Educational Posters” series which aims to provide a creative and attractive resource to study about Quran. This poster is a Salamcomics original product.

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– Minor customizations will be done for Islamic institutions.

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