We are going to finalize these 9 posters and Add them to our book:

1.Nabi Musa (Moses) in the Quran

This poster is about Moses and Pharaoh’s Tale in Quran. Currently we used dozens of photo references from the real ancient egypt illustrations and matched them together to design the whole composition of the poster . (It is in color and finalizing process)

2.Signs of Allah in the sky (in finalizing process)

3.Usury(Riba) in the Quran

In this poster the main character invented a special recipe for cooking donate so he is looking for a loan or investor to set his business. As you see there is a bank that is getting bigger by getting interest and many people are suffering .In the design process of This poster something new came in my mind to show people who are offering “Riba” in a battle tank to show how they are engaging themselves in a war with God… (The poster is in finalizing process.)

4.How to behave with parents in the Quran (finalizing process)

5 & 6. haven’t choose a title for these two posters

This poster is done in ancient Japanese painting style. (ready to get inked and colored)

7. Hell and Heaven in the Quran

A deep look on several verses of Quran about hell and heaven, In this infographic poster we will showcase a variety of explanations of the “Jinnah” and “Naar”. In the design process I studies nearly all of the verses of Quran to select them. An amazing thing is that this page can answer many criticises about the physical view of hell and heaven in Quran InshaAllah. (All the scenes are designed ,Only need some composition changes before coloring)

8.Tolerance in the Quran

The first scene of this poster (At the left side) is about this verse:
…when you hear the Revelations of God being rejected and mocked, no longer sit with them (show your disagreement) until they engage in some other talk, … 4:140
As you see in the first part the Muslim guy is showing his disagreement because they are making jokes with the Quran verses but in the next day as they change their mood and want a rational discussion  they Muslim is sitting and answering their Questions about Quran.
At the right side we showcased an interfaith dialogue  with mentioning this verse:

Say (to them, O Messenger): “O People of the Book, come to a word common between us and you, that we worship none but God, and associate none as partner with Him, and that none of us take others for Lords, apart from God.” … 3:64
The last scene at the right side down is about this verse:
And do not (O believers) revile the things or beings that they have, apart from God, deified and invoke, lest (if you do so) they attempt to revile God out of spite, and in ignorance. … 6: 108

In this scene a Muslim is talking with the idol worshiper by humiliating and saying bad words about their idol and beliefs but his friend is trying to stop him. (ready to get inked and colored

9. Verses of Surah Al-balad

These 9 posters with the previous 11 posters will be printed in a book .The first  edition of this book contained the 11 first posters and got printed for the Middle East ComicCon 2019 as a prototype to see the feedback. You can read Our ComiCon report at this link: ComicCon Report

If you are visiting this page by our newsletter link you will be informed about our book release but if not please subscribe to our mailing list to get informed about the updates on this project.

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