Build an Eco friendly Mosque with recycled materials

In this workshops the attendees will learn about the climate change, sustainable Energy methods and eco friendly solutions and will build a Mosque craft which employs these methods. 

#solar panels #wind turbines #rain water harvesting  #sustainable_architecture 

Ages: 8+

Cost: $20 per household

Where: Google Meet

Supplies: Scissor, ruler, pencil, markers or any form of stationary which you can use for drawing on recycled materials, paper tape & glue, recycled materials like Cardboards, broken down boxes, newspapers and old magazines, cylinder shape or any other materials for modelling a water tank and minaret

Payment Method: Paypal

PayPal Email:

Please email if you cant use paypal or you have any other questions. 
Email: salamcomics@admin

Schedule this workshop with Mahdi

Schedule this workshop with Mahdi

Students crafts:

This craft is done by Issa and his sister