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Quranic Infographics

This book is a collection of illustrations inspired from the verses of the Holy Quran. The artist has employed distinctly different art styles to present various topics including ethics and morality, history and law in Islam …

Australian style posters


2 posters done inspired by Australian aboriginal art. One of them illustrates some verses of the Quran about nature, especially animals. The other one illustrates the pre-colonial relations between aboriginal tribes of North East Australia and Indonesian Muslim tribes (the Makassar).

Mary in the Quran poster


In this poster we gather several verses from the Quran about Mary (Marīam). The scenes of Mary’s life and the journey that she undertook to become the Mother of Jesus (Isa) are depicted. The stained glass style is inspired by Christian artworks as seen in ancient churches.

Mosque Architecture


In this poster we presented 6 diffrent mosque architecture from 6 diffrent parts of ancient Islamic world. They are illustrated from:
– Ottoman style architecture
– Great mosque of Damascus (Umayyad mosque)
– Mamluk style architecture in Egypt
– Iran,Jame mosque of Yazd
– Mali mosques
– Moroccan mosques architecture

About Corona


The poster is designed with Christian stained glass style and it’s combined with Islamic art and calligraphy to spread the message of peace and humanity all around the world.2 verses of Qur’an with their translation are framing the main illustration. Also, 4 windows below the main circle illustration are giving 4 public health advices: – Staying home – Washing hands – avoid touching face – social distancing

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