Author of Quranic Infographics Book

I’m making this post based on the feedback we received from all around the world.

  1. This is an educational book, containing selected verses of the holy Quran. 99 percent of the text are the Arabic verses of Quran with their translation alongside detailed illustrations. Some of our audiences mentioned the book as a must needed material for Islamic education.
  2. This is a book for all Family members
    The book is designed for teenagers; however, it is recommended for all family members. Many kids between 5-10 engage in this book with their mothers and older siblings. They read and explain the pictures to them and lots of interesting conversations would happen in between. You can’t imagine how cute it would be when a 10 year old reads a book for a 5 year old. Some parts of the book have interesting messages for the parents too. They read the book in their own free time and have some interesting and amazing moments.
  3. This is a diverse book:
    We used several art styles like ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Japanese painting, Christian stained glass and Mayan arts. Our intention was not just adding more color and variety but to show the message of the Quran is universal and for all human races. A convert contacted us and informed us how the Mary in the Quran page is interesting for her christian family. Some muslims sent us message that they are suggesting the book to their non muslim friends and the infographics is answering some of their friends Questions.
  4. This is a Huge book. The book size is giving a unique looking to the book. Because of the detailed illustrations we had to make a big size book. We had lots of difficulties in shipping the book but it was worth it. Feedback shows the size is working well and Some of the audiences mention the size as a positive factor. We received pictures of how interesting they made a place for the book in their decorations.
  5. The book has an Augmented reality application MashaAllah, Wow & amazing…These are the first words we hear from the people who are using the app for the first time. We are using 2D and 3D interactive animations to make a unique, Fun and Educating experience for the audience. The verses of Quran are recited alongside the animations. Currently the book is available on google play  We are trying to upload the IOS version before 2021 InshaAllah. Now  it is supporting only 4 pages and our team is trying to update it each month to Support all of the pages.
  6. The book is going to be taught by Imam Suhaib webb onlineThe course will start in February. So this will be an amazing experience to have a picture book for an online Islamic course. Just you need to register at to receive a discount code. For $9.99 per month you will have access to all Imam Suhaib courses.
  7. Your support will help me and my team to produce more Islamic contents InshaAllah. We are still investing in our free AR app and the next book called ” Hadith infographics” to add value to our community, So spreading this book is the best positive energy we can receive.
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