It was our first time that we attended Middle east Comiccon and reserved a table in artists alley part of the expo that artists can showcase their original artworks. Before I was going to  choose this event we had a challenge with the concept of Comiccon and how our content (which is Inspired by the Quran) is suited to this event. So we made a poll on our Instagram page and unfortunately some of our Instagram followers who mainly live in western countries didn’t have positive Ideas about showcasing Islamic content in a ComicCon event. So we were so doubtful to attend or not. The only positive motivator for us was that the statistics of the last year showed that more than 50 percent of the attendees are local so we guessed that Maybe we could attract them by our content. So we tried hard to print about 200 copies of our first book that contains all of our “Quran educational posters”. The book is not our completed book but we wanted to see feedback so we printed it as a prototype of our final product.
The first day began and unfortunately, we didn’t find any content related to our Islamic values. Only at one of the tables in the artist alley, I found a series of comics that the main character had Hijab and abaya (Traditional Arabic dress) But this was rare in the whole event.
Also, I didn’t find any clues of “The 99” comic that was one of the best sellers in the Middle East and had Islamic themes and concepts.Another amazing thing from our point of view was that many religious families and even some women with Borghe (Covering all the face except their eyes). This is amazing for us because in Iran it is common that religious families never attend events and places that are presenting western pop art and culture.
Overall the unknown an amazing situation we got very positive feedback from our audience. Also, we sold out many posters and books and we were motivated to strongly continue our journey. The most interesting feedback were from the American and Europeans who came to our table. So I think we need more Localized and Islamic content in Middle East ComicCon and the market is waiting for such products.

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